Age Group II

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Coronavirus Update and Highlander Aquatics

Dear Highlander Aquatics families –
With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we would like to be proactive and be a part of the solution.
Our facility will be closed effective immediately until Monday, March 23rd. We will update all families prior to March 23rd to communicate an extended closing or a reopening date of the facility and our programs.
Once our facility is back up and running, we will address partial refunds or adding additional weeks to our swim sessions.
Our main concern is the safety and health of our Highlander families. Please be patient during this difficult time and take care of your loved ones.
If you have any questions, please reach out to our Head Coach, Mike Curley at MCurley@lhps.org.
Coach Mike Curley


Fall, Winter and Spring Practice Schedule:

  • M, T, TH, F       3:30-5 pm or 4:45-6:15 pm
  • Wed                 3:30-5 pm only (on public school holidays and early dismissal days)
  • Sat AM             8-10:00 am

Meet Schedule



Login: User - HIGHLANDER, Password - 1234

  • Goggles (always have a spare or two) 
  • Cap (optional for boys, always have spares)
  • Fins - Speedo Trialon Rubber Swim Fins
  • Paddles - Speedo Power Plus Paddles
  • Equipment Bag (Swimmers can hang them on pool deck)
  • Snorkel (ylon-a tuba frontal snorkel)
  • Team Suit for Meets 
  • Speedo Jr Team Kickboard (optional)
  • Speedo Jr Team Pull Bouy (optional)

Age Group 2 Expectations

  • Have Fun.
    Creating great habits!

  • Be on time.
    Creating great habits!

  • Taking ownership/accountability of your swimming (i.e equipment, warm-down, effort, etc.)
    Creating great habits!

  • Respect for coaches, team mates, and workouts at all times.
    Creating great habits!

  • Having pride in Highlander Aquatics and your training.
    Creating great habits!

  • Swimmer to Coach Communication. Commit to a weekly schedule (4 workouts/week or more strongly encouraged). Communicate any practice conflicts in advance.
    Creating great habits!

  • Honest, purposeful, committed practice each and every day. The goal at each and every practice is to better ones-self and influence teammates in a positive direction.
    Creating great habits! 


Fees and Requirements: 

  • The tuition is $120 per month for Age Group 2 
  • There is a $120 per year fund raising requirement and a $85 annual registration fee.
  • Parents are required to work at least 1 session per day of each meet we host.
  • The fees for the first month and the registration fee are required by August 25th.