Terms and Conditions for Participation Contract

For Senior, Age Group I, and Age Group II:

Highlander Aquatic Club (A not-for-profit Corporation) 
Greater Orlando's Most Centrally Located USA Swimming Program located in beautiful Downtown Orlando


  • The yearly club registration fee and USA Swimming registration fee are nonrefundable and must be paid prior to the swimmer entering the water.  New swimmers to the Highlander Aquatic Club may participate for a maximum of one week prior to payment of the registration fees.
  • Swimmers are committing to 12 months of the year when registering for our year round program. No pro-rated amounts or credits will be issued (unless excused with a doctors note due to illness or injury).
  • When a swimmer is moved from one group to another, he/she must pay the swimming dues for the highest group in which they participate.
  • Meet entry fees are in addition to the swimming dues.  Nonpayment of entry fees will also necessitate non-participation for the swimmer(s) until payment is made.
  • Should a swimmer decide to discontinue participation in the program with the Highlander Aquatic Club, a parent/guardian must submit the online form located at www.highlanderaquatics.org under "Registration" to terminate your account. 


  • Submission of the online form is required. (www.highlanderaquatics.org under Registration)
  • Thirty (30) days notice is requested prior to inactive date.  
  • Only one month of dues has the opportunity to receive a credit.
  • No past charges of monthly dues will be credited to your account.  
  • Any outstanding fees for meets, equipment and/or snack bar are considered an obligation to the Highlander Aquatic Club,  and are payable upon termination of participation. 


As one of the families that will enjoy the benefits of belonging to the Highlander Aquatic Club, the following facts concerning the financial significance of well-run swim meets are worthy of your recognition:

  • The Highlander Aquatic Club funds its activities from two main sources. The first source is the yearly registration and monthly dues you have agreed to pay.  The second source is the hosting of two to three large swim meets each year. 
  • It takes approximately 75 people to run each session of a quality swim meet!!  The presence and participation of EACH ONE of these 75 people is ALL THAT ASSURES CONTINUANCE OF SUCCESSFUL RESULTS.
  • Highlander has the reputation of hosting the best meets in the state of Florida as well as some of the best meets in the whole country.

The following conditions are part of your agreement to be a member of the Highlander Aquatic Club:

  • The coaching staff will communicate with the membership the required number of sessions each family is to work for each meet.
  • If a family cannot attend any one of the above meets or attend all sessions required of a meet, it is their responsibility to make arrangements ahead of time with the coaching staff to help with a job prior to or after the conclusion of the actual meet.
  • Failure to satisfy the requirements spelled out above will result in a fifty dollar ($50.00) assessment for that family for each meet session.


There is a minimum fund raising obligation each year that is equal to one month of swimming dues. This amount will be $200 for Senior swimmers, $155 for Age Group I swimmer and $130 for Age Group II swimmers. This obligation will encourage each Highlander Aquatic Club swimmer to participate in Highlander Swim Club fund raising efforts of their choice.

Credit will be issued to your fund raising account under the following conditions:

I. Personal advertising in the heat sheets of any of the Highlander Aquatic Club hosted swim meets will result in a direct credit to your swimmer's fund raising account less expenses such as graphic arts, etc. This credit will also apply to any company advertising in these heat sheets in which you directly bring to the attention of the Highlander Aquatic Club Advertising chairperson.

II. Meet, event, or lane sponsorships in which you take an active participation in acquiring for the Highlander Aquatic Club will result in a credit to your swimmer’s fund raising account less any expenses such as graphic arts, etc.

III. General Highlander Aquatic Club sponsored fund raising activities in which you participate will be credited to your account less the expense involved.

IV. A parent is a registered USA Swimming Non-Athlete Official under Highlander Aquatics and volunteers to officiate at all of our home meets. 

The assessment amount stated above for each group member minus any fund raising credit will be charged to your fund raising account after the last day of May 2025 if the above conditions are not met.


In order to best serve our swimmers, we expect our athletes to adhere and abide by the Highlander Sportsmanship Creed.

  • Respect parents, coaches, teammates, and opponents.
  • Personify commitment and positive attitude.
  • Represent Lake Highland and Highlander Aquatics with honor and pride.

Athletes will be held responsible, and accountable for their conduct and behavior, before during and after, both training and competition.  Athletes should arrive and depart the pool in a timely fashion.  Athletes arriving late, without a note, may not be admitted.  Should a situation become so egregious as to warrant dismissal or suspension from either practice or a meet, parents will be called to pick up their child.  The child may be readmitted to the program if a parent is available during the scheduled practice or competition, to supervise their behavior. 


All parents wishing to be present during practice times will be required to sit west of the short course teaching pool.  Why?  The swim practice time is just like the school classroom.  From 3:00 pm until the conclusion of practice will be the instructors/coach time with the swimmers.  During this time, a direct line of communication and instruction between the swimmers and coach will be maintained.